The Freya


Bring this strong, lush, and vibrant beauty into your Bridal Party, Reception Event or home. These flowers represent your
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strength, new growth and love just like Freya, the Goddess of Love in Norse Mythology! Completely color customizable and crafted from high quality premium German crepe papers, these are the perfect wedding or home forever flowers that last for ages!!! These stunning lovelies arrive hand tied and ready-to-arrange OR they can be set perfectly balanced in a container.

Consists of: 4 Japanese Peonies, 5 Iceland poppies and 3 Billy Balls.
Unless otherwise requested, poppies will be a lovely mix of pink/orange/yellow hues and peonies will be a mix of white and dark and light pink hues an Billy Balls will be a mix of green or yellow.


Photography: Rachel Miranda


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